Thursday, December 09, 2004

TOPIC: God makes me shake my head

As I type this post, I am listening to an MP3 of my cousin preaching at my home church in makes me think about our family and what we are doing with our I am, in Missouri, a youth cousin that is preaching on my computer right now is a worship leader in Ohio...another cousin is a youth pastor in weird is it to have three people in the same family in full-time ministry?...and my brother is seminary-trained, too...makes me shake my head...this is not to downplay anyone else who works at a job outside of the local church...I know they have a ministry that is just as important as the ones we hold in the church...but as I think about our childhoods (can that be pluralized?), I just find it a little baffling the way that God has directed our lives...He never ceases to surprise me...

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