Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wassup! Revisited

A friend from my Asbury days let me know via Facebook that a radio station in the Lexington, KY area got a hold of this video that I produced while at the 'bury. Apparently, they have been playing it quite a bit on the radio, and according to my friend, it is "the talk of the town." I put the video together for a social function we had called The Night of Classic Game Shows as a commercial break. I figure this is a good excuse to resurrect it. This features some of the prominent Asbury professors, plus the seminary president at the time. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where the Honk Have You Been?!?

Sorry blog readers - all three of you - that I have been so out of pocket recently. Starting with the blog we were doing for our church, I kinda got overwhelmed with everything. But I'm back! I know, you're excited. You ain't gotta tell me. Here's a bunch of what's happening:

Fantasy Baseball

We had our fantasy baseball draft last night. I'm pretty sure I got suckered in to be the chump of the league. A buddy asked me to be in it, and I said yes before I realized that each of the other teams would have three three-year keepers, and I was taking over a team that had two players left on it, neither of which were worth keeping. Plus, I had a difficult time with the website, since I have never used it before. So, those are my disclaimers going into the season in case I suck really bad. Here's my team:

C - Benjie Molina
1B - Albert Pujols (guaranteed now to pop that ligament in his elbow)
2B - B.J. Upton
3B - Ryan Zimmerman
SS - Troy Tulowitzki
LF - Hideki Matsui
CF - Vernon Wells
RF - Magglio Ordonez
Util - Kevin Kouzmanoff (3B)
Bench - Ryan Theriot (2B, SS)
SP - Erik Bedard
SP - Rich Hill
SP - Dustin McGowan
SP - Zach Greinke
RP - Takashi Saito
Bench - Shaun Marcum (SP)
Bench - Brandon Lyon (RP)
Bench - B.J. Upton (RP - in the process of dropping for another bat - didn't mean to draft him)

So we'll see how it goes...

Six-Word Memoirs

I heard an interesting story on NPR the other day. A story was told about Ernest Hemingway. He was approached in a bar by someone that challenged him to write a story using only six words. He came up with, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Some authors got together and decided to compile six-word memoirs from people from all walks of life, writers and not, and put them in a book. It is called Not Quite What I Was Planning. The authors were on NPR discussing this book. And it got me thinking, "What would my six-word memoir be?" I had lots of time to think, driving back from Tulsa, but I have only come up with two so far:
  • Being a Daddy - better than imagined!
  • Living in Missouri, heart in Ohio.
It's not a lot, but it's a start. What would yours be?

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

What a weird weather year! We had two ice storms in February back-to-back, and yesterday a full foot of rain fell in Cape Girardeau. And it's still falling! This was the first time I have ever heard of a school being canceled because of rain. I am usually cursing the fact that we live on a hill because it's a pain to mow, but now I am thankful for that hill. Our basement would have been much worse if we lived in a valley.

And just because she's so dang cute and I haven't posted a picture of her in a while, here's Hanna: