Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I am thankful...

rockwell-thanksgiving.jpg (350×449)
In honor of Thanksgiving, here are 100 things I am thankful for. These are not the top 100, nor are they in order; just 100 things I appreciate. It sure has been fun thinking about the blessings in my life. I really should do that more often:

1. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus
2. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit
3. The creativity, character, and love of the Father
4. My amazing wife, who also happens to be smokin' hot
5. My kids, who never stop being awesome
6. My job/ministry/calling
7. Cleveland, OH
8. My house
9. Attie
10. Satellite TV and DVR
11. Computers / the Internet
12. My overall health
13. Chocolate
14. My extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.)
15. My two parents who are both now sober
16. Books
17. The Apple Corporation and all of their products
18. The Cleveland Browns
19. The Ohio State Buckeyes
20. The Cleveland Indians
21. The Cleveland Cavaliers
22. The Kent State Golden Flashes
23. My '95 Honda Civic
24. La Croix UMC
25. Church of the Open Door
26. Pastors I enjoy listening to and being challenged by (Rob Bell, Andy Stanley, Perry Noble, Matt Chandler, Steven Furtick, etc.)
27. Podcasts I enjoy listening to (This American Life, Wait! Wait!, etc.)
28. Music I enjoy listening to (Phil Wickham, U2, David Crowder, Mute Math, Paper Route, Gungor, John Mark McMillan, Hillsong United, etc.)
29. The ability to hear
30. YouTube
31. Certain authors (Brennan Manning, Mark Batterson, Malcolm Gladwell, Douglas Adams, Bill Bryson, and Harper Lee to name a few)
32. Central heating and AC
33. Microwave technology
34. Soap
35. Toothpaste and toothbrushes
36. The Bible
37. The unique gift set and personality that God has given me
38. My brother and his family
39. Good friends
40. Good food (BBQ, steak and potatoes, Italian, etc.)
41. Donuts
42. The number 42
43. Ice cream
44. Teenagers who impress me with their faith and life
45. TV shows I have liked (Lost, Prison Break, Seinfeld, Sledgehammer, Captain Kangaroo, Sports Night, etc.)
46. Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
47. Rain (as I type this, it is pouring outside)
48. Retreats and mission trips with youth
49. The privilege of being a part of what God is doing in the world
50. Cut and paste
51. Snow
52. The sun
53. Camping in the backyard with my kids
54. Date nights with my wife
55. Talking sports with my dad
56. Flying
57. Continuing ed trips
58. Holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter
59. Martin Luther King, Jr.
60. The people I work with
61. Memory foam
62. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
63. The sound of rain on my roof
64. The sound of my kids when I tickle them
65. The way my kids greet me when I come home
66. Movies (among my favorites: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Evil Dead 2, and To Kill a Mockingbird)
67. My small group
68. My early-morning senior high small group
69. Talking to my mom on the phone
70. My education: Waldo Elementary, River Valley JHS, Open Door Christian School, LCCC, BGSU, Kent State, and Asbury Seminary)
71. My wife's family
72. Deep-dish pizza
73. Sleep
74. Zombies and their movies
75. Big cities: Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, et al.
76. Small towns: Wilmore
77. Medical technology
78. Fire: fire pits, gas fireplaces, and bonfires
79. Bill Watteron and Berkeley Breathed
80. Funny and sweet things my kids say
81. Sports: football, basketball, baseball and soccer
82. Facebook
83. One sale a day websites (even though I rarely buy anything from them)
84. Parades
85. Fantasy football
86. PBJ sandwiches
87. Satellite TV
88. Eyeglasses
89. 'Duty'
90. Opposable thumbs
91. The X Games
92. The ability to read and comprehend
93. August 19th
94. Pain, because it helps me better appreciate non-pain
95. Washer and dryer
96. Coffee, Dr. Pepper, and Jones Cream Soda
97. Water
98. The moon and stars
99. Opportunities and the ability to preach
100. Encouraging words