Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Steroids and Moral Relativity

OK, it's one thing for Rafael Palmeiro to get busted for doing steroids, even after denying's much worse that he lied and said he did it unintentionally, when in fact, it was revealed that it was a hard-core steroid he took, so he had to have known about it...but what really bugs me is that it now comes out that Major League Baseball and the Players' Union actually found out about his failed test long ago but held onto the information - and the suspension - until after Palmeiro had reached 3,000 hits...come on, MLB!...if you are going to make a stand on drug testing, do so all of the time, not just when it is convenient and works for your timetable...just because Raffi is a good player and future Hall of Famer (although, maybe not anymore), he gets a pass for a while, while other not-as-good players get busted right away...nice message you are sending to baseball fans, and especially kids: if you are good enough at hitting a ball with a stick, it doesn't matter what you do - it will still work out in your favor...


Nolan said...

Does he make the Hall still? If he gets in, should Pete Rose? Is this worse than Rose?

Fitz said...

I don't know if he makes the Hall...a lot of spitballers are in the Hall; that was cheating and they still got in...and yet, Pete Rose has somehow messed with "the integrity of the game" by gambling...I don't really know which is worse...I would probably have Rose in the Hall by now...maybe that's just a glimpse of my own moral relativity...

Anonymous said...

Well, I disagree with the 1st two comments big time. Gambling is an intellectual act. Taking steroids is a physical act. Gambling is a thought process with money to win or lose involved. Taking steroids is changing your physical body to make it perform better. Huge difference. Rose did not corrupt the game by gambling. He did not get his hits because his body was pumped up on drugs. Steroid users are the dregs of pro sports--liers, cheats, the kind of guys who would sell their soul to the devil if they could. Mike--this is Steve writing here.

Anonymous said...

Mike--Palimino (the horse steroid taker, the faker, the cheat) looked the U.S. Senate in the eye and lied, he looked into the face of America and lied. BIG time lie.

Now I have been around a while and know that this kind of incredible lying is not something new. Look at Bush. Look at Clinton. Look at Saddam. Look at Barry Bonds. Look at the CEO of Enron and the rest of his corrupt ilk.

What I find interesting is that there are still fresh-faced, young people who can fall for this stuff.

McGuire and Bonds ruined the best record in baseball, i.e. Ruth's 60 homeruns. They were able to do it because they were drugged up robots, Arno baseball player types.

If Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Hank Aaron, the Babe took steroids like this scum, Ruth would have hit 140 home runs in a season, Mantle 193, Maris 212 and Aaron would have had a career total of 16,700.

Mike, guys, if you want to see liars in action, watch the President and VP, crazy Cheny. Like Clinton, Reagan, Nixon they are baldfaced liars. Complete liars.

"What do you mean by sex?" Clinton asks.

"Read my lips, no new taxes," said the first Bush and within two days raised taxes mightily.

Someday even the innocents will learn.You got a way to go, guys.

Christ would cast them all out of the temple.