Friday, August 05, 2005

No More Indian Mascots

Word came out today that the NCAA has banned all Indian mascots from postseason tournament play...this would mean that teams such as the Florida Seminoles and the Illinois Fighting Illini would have to cover up their names and any references to their mascots during the question is: will they be brave enough to enforce the same rules with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish...I, being Irish, have hated that mascot for some time and think it should be banned...I'm Irish, and I'm a lover, not a fighter...


Anonymous said...

Once again, political correctness rears its ugly head. Why are Indians mascots/names banned and not the following which are all real if you do your Google research.

Purdue Boilermakers (alcholic drink as a mascot)

Long Beach State Dirtbags (honest)

South Carolina Gamecocks (puhleeze!)

Pittsburgh State University Gorillas (come on!)

Idaho Vandals (glorifying criminals)

Appalachian State Thugs (say what?)

George State Sambos (if they had their way, it would be the Georgia State Klansmen)

Duke Blue Devils (honoring Satan)

jasdye said...


having just done a bit of googling, i could find no such "sambos." except for at this comment section.

however, also being irish (well, partially. i like to consider myself irish-puerto rican. there's not a lot of us around. but we are a strong ultra-minority of twelve.) i actually find the little, drunken and volatile leprechaun a hoot. now, what is he doing as the mascot of a Catholic university...?

now, as to the other matter at hand:

if native americans (indians, indian americans, whatever) are divided about this issue but it is clear that none of them are in full support of organizations (which is what colleges are, of course) making money by ripping-off/honoring (depending on which way you look at it. quite honestly, it's a mixed bag either way) their legacies, wouldn't the rule appear wise. why continue a meaningless ritual that causes meaningless controversy and actually offends and hurts some people. it also helps to stave it off before lunatic judges give billions of dollars away for those hurt people.

seminoles, if i remember my af-am history, is not native american. it's a group (a tribe of sorts) of escaped slaves.

Michel said...

As an Indiana boy, and knowing Notre Dame as well as I do (not at all), I think they should rename themselves the Notre Dame Flying Nuns. It embraces their catholic heritage as well as terrifies. I who am friends with many nuns (seriously, I am) would still be scared if I saw them flying towards me from the sky. Also, I think Asbury still needs a mascot... I tried to get it passed by the Student Council while I was there to make us the Asbury Rasberries... but it never worked. My other favorite mascot idea is for Bob Jones University... I think they should be the Bob Jones Bats... they make alot of noise, can't see, wear modest black just like the puritans, and have small minds. Perfect.