Wednesday, January 05, 2005

TOPIC: College football national championship...

Prior to last night's game, all of the prognosticators were saying that the upcoming championship game between USC and Oklahoma was, on paper, the best championship matchup ever...a total of four Heisman candidates on the field at the same time, including a winner on each team (the QB for USC won this year; the QB for OU won last year)...the numbers matched up ever so well...I thought, "How could it possibly be any better than when OSU beat Miami in the 2003 Fiseta Bowl for the championship?"...turns out I was right...last night was not a good game; it was a wasn't very fun to watch...I turned it off and continued to read The Last Don by Mario Puzo, one of the three books I am currently reading...woke up this morning to find out that USC won 55-19...the OSU vs. Miami game still, in my mind, is the best college football championship game ever...period.

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