Sunday, January 23, 2005

Championship Sunday

This is it, the day that will determine who plays in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 6th...before last weekend's games, Marcy asked me who I thought would be playing in the Super Bowl...I told her that I thought the Patriots would play the Falcons in the big game...I am sticking with that prognostication (nice word, eh?)...I don't see anyone beating Belichick twice in the same year...he's just too dang smart (wish he had been that smart when he coached the Browns)...and Tom Brady is money in the postseason...and in the other game, I just have a feeling about the analysis, just a gut reaction...the Eagles are turning into the Bills of the early's just starting to be kinda' fun to watch them lose in a gut-wrenching there's my prediction for today's games...please do not use this as your basis for gambling on the games...if you do, you're bound to lose some money...

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clave said...

I predicted the Patriots and Falcons as well. Stupid, ugly Falcons!!!

I predict the Superbowl to the Patriots.