Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Ads

OK, so the Pittspuke Stillers won the big game. Big whup. They had the refs' help in that matter. But what really mattered, as it does in every Super Bowl, were the commercials. Advertisers paid $2.5 million for a 30-second time slot this year. And judging by some of their spots, many of them overpaid. Here is my personal list of the top five and bottom five commercials from the 2006 Super Bowl:

Top Five (in no particular order):
1. FedEx: Caveman - hilarious with a great surprise ending (I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it yet)
2. Bud Light: Man Kitchen - although I don't drink, I love it that you can usually count on Budweiser to come up with some original ads
3. ESPN: Mobile - very effective way of showing how much the product has to offer
4. Emerald Nuts: Druid - just too weird to not include it
5. Ameriquest: Hospital - usng the paddles on a fly: classic - and the liittle girl's reaction: priceless

Bottom Feeders:
1. Ameriquest: Flight - just plain wrong
2. Diet Pepsi: Brown & Bubbly - all the Diet Pepsi ads stunk, but this was the worst of them
3. H3: Little Monster - that was weird, wrong, and just plain stupid
4. Toyota: Camry - maybe I'm just too sensitive, but the implication that someone needs to know English to have a successful future seems remarkably ethnocentric
5. Paramount: MI:3 - as much as I love Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Cruise just needs to go away

If you haven't yet seen the comercials or you missed some, you can see them here...


gmw said...

hey Fitz, nice round-up. was the "man kitchen" one the one with the magic fridge that showed up for those guys because it was on the turning thing with the table and chairs? that one was funny.

Loved the fly killed by the defribulator paddle.

Also, funny experience in my home was Abby's reaction to the Bud commercial with the colt who goes into the barn with dreams of pulling the Budweiser cart, gets it going, and then you see mommy and daddy horse behind pushing it with their heads. Abby: "Geez! (watery eyes) Darn you Budweiser!"

Finally, the horses lining up for football and the "streaker" sheered sheep who runs out on the field was funny too.

Nolan said...

By far, I thought the Ameriquest commercial with the defribulator paddles was the best ad. (It may have surpassed their ad from last year where the boyfriend "killed" the girlfriend's cat while cooking her dinner.) Ameriquest has a good thing going with that ad line, but I'm with Fitz: the one on the plane was over the top!

abigail said...

where's the love - guy matthew, are there no secrets left?

Loved the fly-paddles & the streaker sheep. Hated the "brown & bubbly"- reminded me of when UPS first started to call themselves "Brown"- like the kid in class who invents his own nickname & tries to get his friends to call him that with hopes that it will catch on. bad, just bad... actually had a friend who did that- wanted to be called jojo. Sorry George, it never worked.

Fitz said...

The streaker sheep was also funny, just missing my top five. And Nolan, I had forgotten about the cat killer one from a year ago. That was classic, too. They had a good thing going. They just killed it with the airplane one. I also thought the Sierra Mist - with the airport security - was pretty sweet, again just missing the top five. But the Budweiser with the young horse trying to pull the cart was just too dang sappy. Maybe I'll think differently when I have my own kid, say in 54 days or so, but for now, it just didn't do it for me...