Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We finally got some snow yesterday. It warmed my heart as it chilled my fingers and toes. This 60 degrees in January is crazy! It's not supposed to be that way. Winter means snow. So, while it is practically gone already, I'm glad we had a little bit at least. A few other thoughts:
  • During a prayer meeting, people prayed for our country that it would return to its Christian heritage. I'm not sure exactly what they meant by that. Probably a return to prayer in school and an end to abortion. But what about ending poverty and taking care of the alien, widows, and orphans? And would it really do us good to have our government agree with our Christian heritage, or would it simply add to our complacency? Look at Israel in the Old Testament. When things were going smoothly for them, that was when they turned away from God to other idols. And when I was in high school, the strongest Christians were the ones in the public schools, where they had to fight for their faith daily. And who do you think is stronger, the average American Christian that has life easy, or the Chinese Christian that has to worship underground? (I know I'm going to hear from my brother about this post) Just a thought...
  • I was ever-so-glad to hear that U2 cleaned up at the Grammys last night, and that Mariah Carey did not. Granted, I haven't heard any of Mariah's CD at all, but seriously, who is more culturally relevant when you look at the big picture? I think about stories of REM winning Best Alternative Music Grammy with their first mainstream album when going up against Nirvana's Nevermind, which etched grunge into the consciousness of America. Or Jethro Tull beating out Metallica for the first Metal Grammy. And when I do, I say, "The Grammys got it right this time."
  • Have you heard what is going on at Asbury College in Wilmore, KY? A revival is breaking out there, and God is driving people to their knees. This is reminiscent of the revival that occurred there in 1970. Go God!
  • Fitz, Jr. in 54 days and counting! if you have any name suggestions, I would love to hear them...but I can pretty much guarantee that we won't use them. I'm fairly sure that Marcy wouldn't allow us to name our child from a suggestion submitted on my blog. But it could still be fun. So let's hear your ideas.


Allister said...

I thought you guys were going for "Mini Chinhawk"? Mini Chinhawk Fitzpatrick..very dignified..

So..only 54 days until I, who of course has first dibs, can begin babysitting...EEEE...although I realize I probably won't babysit until he's a wee bit older..

*watch out, Emily is foaming at the mouth as she reads this lol*

Elfman said...

Names... ok, here are 4 good ones:

Prescott: means "Priest's cottage" ... might get him beat up at school a bit, though. Buy him lots of polo shirts.

Dudley: means "From the meadow". Nice and naturey.

Grover: means "From the grove". Staying with the nature theme. Plus muppet names are always good. (ask Kermit Gerhart, Scooter Libby or Fozzie Nall)

Woodrow: means "The path through the woods". Still naturey, but with a Robert Frostish feel.

Then again, if none of those seem to tickle your fancy, a good fall-back name might be:
Oral: means "too cool and massively not a nerd". alt. spelling, Orel

Food for thought...

Anonymous said...

Elfman's suggestion were so funny I laughed out loud--Grover!, Woodrow! Oral!

How about Rufus: means "roof over us"

How about Spindly: means "having a strong backbone"

How about Buford: means "beautiful car"

How about Ajax: means "foaming cleanser"

How about Domino: means "enjoys games and pizza"

Emmerly said...

I was not foaming at the mouth .. we need to realize that they will need more than one babysitter, Ally isn't here all the time and neither am I. WE CAN SHARE!
Anywho, whatever you name the baby doesn't really matter to me. He will always be Baby Fitz or Fitz, Jr.
Oh ya! My mom is signing up for the visit thingy at Asbury this spring! She's getting really into it and I think she's starting to warm up to the idea of me going to Asbury, yay!

Matthew said...

Have you considered "Bernie"? :-)

Fitz said...

Bernie is just about the best suggestion I think I have heard. Not sure if I can slip that one past Marcy, though. It's worth a shot...

Matthew said...

I thought you might like that. Here's one you might sneak past the sports rader: Jacob. Marcy will never need to know Jr. was named after the Indians' ballpark.

I'm guessing J-Stew and T-Rog are out of the running, too :-)

Elfman said...

How about something a bit ethnic:

Mya Shu

I think that might be a great name... Mya Shu Fitzpatrick.

Name might come in handy if he eventually has a friend named Patrick who has the same shoe size.


Anonymous said...

If you name your son "Jose" he'll be able to get lots of minority scholarships and such when he's going to college. Same with "Rastus" but that name is a bit harsh. Jose has a gentle ring to it. Still, Rastus Fitzpatrick is kind of charming. Hey how about Jesus! We love Jesus completely; why not name a firstborn after Him.