Friday, October 21, 2005

Fantasy Basketball

Just did my fantasy basketball draft with some friends...didn't get Lebron like I wanted (stupid Trey!), but here's who I did get, in the order they were drafted - your thoughts are welcome:

Tracy McGrady - F/G
Elton Brand - F
Mike Bibby - G
Rasheed Wallace - F/C
Carlos Boozer - F (I'm really unhappy with this because of what he did to the Cavs)
Kurt Thomas - C/F
Jamaal Tinsley - G
Jason Terry - G
Antonio Daniels - G
Wally Szczerbiak - F
Michael Finley - G/F
Mehmet Okur - C
Raef LaFrentz - F/C

This is my first foray in fantasy basketball - I've done baseball and football before...we'll see how it goes...

1 comment:

clave said...

If you are unhappy with Boozer then I will gladly take him off your hands :)