Thursday, October 06, 2005

Core Values

I am working on a list of core values that will help in the overarching direction of the student ministry that I thought is that there would be a series of images that would correspond to the various core values, so that it is not simply a series of words or sentences, but that they would be pictures that would conjure up certain emotions or is what I have so far; please let me know what you think or if you have other ideas that would communicate the values more effectively:

We Value:
  • Wrecking balls, not mortar - (I don't have a one- or two-word phrase to go along with this one, but the idea is that we want to tear down walls between students, not build them up)
  • Welcome mats, not deadbolts - Hospitality
  • The path, not the finish line - Journey
  • Sugar, not Sweet'n Low - Authenticity
  • Potluck dinners, not TV dinners - Community
  • Closets, not home theaters - Prayer
  • M&Ms, not Hershey Bars - Diversity
  • Flashlights, not darkness - the Bible
  • The body, not the building - the Church
  • The person, not the number - Individuals
  • Marathons, not sprints - Longevity
Your thoughts?...


clave said...

I love the idea of a picture to go along with each one. We have an 'image" statement, which is along the same lines and developed out of the fact that we are a very visual culture and "pictures are worth a 1000 words."

A couple of thoughts for "Wrecking balls" -- agreement, harmony, unity...

Love Welcome Mats, Sugar, Potluck -- those immediately communicate I think.

JohnDeere said...

good stuff fitz--- but too many to remember-- narrow to at most 7-- even better 3. great idea though with the phrases and images-- it connects.