Monday, May 16, 2005

His Master's Voice

While I was in Memphis, Marcy and I stopped into a gift store to look for snow globes...side note: in case you didn't know, I collect tacky, cheap snow globes...the next time you go on vacation, you now know what to get me...anyway, back to the topic at hand...I saw a metal sign that had this logo on it from the RCA Victor Corporation (they made record players - records were CDs before there were CDs)...I read the caption: "His Master's Voice."...I grabbed it and showed it to Marcy and said, "This'll preach."...boy, will it ever...look at the dog...see how attentively he is listening for what his master has to say through the speaker...he is hanging on every word, just waiting to hear if he should stay, sit, or roll over...or maybe he is just listening to the master's voice because it is a familiar, calming sound to his ears...what he is listening for I don't know...but what I do know is that he is listening intently...just look at the tilt of his head...what if we listened to our Master this attentively?...Scripture tells us that God speaks in a still, small voice, so in order to hear Him amidst the clatter of everything else that is going on around us, we need to be intentional in clearing out all the other stuff so that we can hear the whisper...there are exceptions to the rule, but most of the time, God is whispering through a phonograph speaker, not shouting through a stack of concert speakers...are we listening?Posted by Hello

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