Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Touching Holiness

As I was reading the Bible yesterday morning - somehow, Colin and Hanna gave me a few minutes to do so - I came across a couple of verses that have never stood out to me before. In Leviticus 6, in the discussion about the grain offering and the sin offering, God tells Moses that anyone that touches them will become holy (v. 18 & 27). I have always known in the Levitical code that anyone that touches something that is unclean will then be considered unclean, but now I come to the realization that the opposite is true, that he who touches the holy will become holy. How cool is that?! Lord, help me to touch the holy. Help me to touch You!

Another thought that comes with that is that we are called to be holy in the New Testament. I wonder if anyone that touches me or comes into contact with me experiences holiness. Shouldn't they? Shouldn't they come into contact with me, or any follower of Jesus, and experience holiness? That is what we are called to be: holy. Unfortunately, I fear that others experience something far different in me: impatience, frustration, selfishness, etc. Lord, help me to be holy so that I can be holiness to the world that so desperately needs it.


Rev. Vaughn W. Thurston-Cox said...

I enjoyed this post. I remember one radio pastor saying that mud leaves clean gloves muddy; clean gloves never leave mud clean. The insight of this Scripture into the impact of our lives in the world is beautiful. Thanks for the reflections, and your rolly coasters!

Fitz said...

Thanks for your comment, Vaughn, and it is great to hear from you...and you brought a smile to my face with mention of the rolley coasters.