Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fantasy Football Review

I had cause to look back at past postings on this blog and came across my fantasy football draft from this past season. Here's how my draft played out:
  1. Larry Johnson - RB
  2. Ronnie Brown - RB
  3. Donovan McNabb - QB
  4. Lee Evans - WR
  5. Plaxico Burress - WR
  6. Deuce McAllister - RB
  7. Vernon Davis - TE
  8. Mark Clayton - WR
  9. Alex Smith - QB
  10. Shayne Graham - K
  11. Vernand Morency - RB
  12. Bernard Berrian - WR
  13. Baltimore - D/ST
Now, here's my roster on the final day of the season:
  1. Derek Anderson - QB
  2. Earnest Graham - RB
  3. Fred Jackson - RB
  4. Chester Taylor - RB
  5. Fred Taylor - RB
  6. Bernard Berrian - WR
  7. Plaxico Burress - WR
  8. Anthony Gonzalez - WR
  9. Brandon Marshall - WR
  10. Vernon Davis - TE
  11. Phil Dawson - K
  12. San Diego - D/ST
  13. Indianapolis - D/ST
So let's see, my first two draft picks went out with injuries (and Brown was a stud before he went down); the third pick was less than great (except for the one week that I sat him) before I dropped him; my fourth pick did not live up to expectations; pick five, stud; pick six, nothing special; pick seven, dropped him and picked him up again; picks eight through eleven, not much to talk about; pick twelve had good weeks, but was handicapped by below average quarterback play; and pick thirteen was my keeper and was not good. 

My pick-ups did OK, for the most part. DA was great, most of the time (double bonus since I'm a huge Browns fan); my RB corps did alright, especially Fred Taylor; Marshall was a go-to R a good part of the year; and I had two good D/ST to choose from. Considering how pitiful of a draft it was, a sixth place finish, was not too bad. Here's hoping I draft better next year, though.

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Fitz said...

Strange that I'm commenting on my own post, but I just read on either or that three of the players I ended up with made the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame team, meaning they were players that no one was really expecting much out of but played big. They are: Derek Anderson, Earnest Graham, and Brandon Marshall. Not bad...