Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Kids Are Cooler Than Yours

I only have a few minutes before I have to head out the door for D-Group...last night at Splash - our junior high program - I told the utes how much I liked them...I really think they are cool, along with our senior highers...seriously...I love being able to work with them and just hanging out with them...after Splash, I was outside with them waiting for their parents to come pick them up and Brianne and Toni were acting completely ridiculous, like they had injected Mello Yello directly into their was hilarious! face hurt from laughing and smiling...and on Sunday, our senior highers did such a great job giving their input about the future of our youth ministry...I have the best job, and the coolest kids...yes, they're cooler than yours...

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Ally said...

Thanks, Fitzie!!...Excuse me for a moment while I breathe on my fingernails and then rub them on my shirt in that way that somehow conveys pride and smugness.

Ok I'm done.

- Allister (haha)