Monday, February 14, 2011

God Knows What You Need

After spending three services ripping out my heart and laying it on the altar for everyone to see, I was (understatement coming) a little emotionally spent. I came home and had lunch with my amazing family. It was after lunch that God showed up in the form I needed Him the most.

Marcy was in the bathroom with Hanna, who was going potty. I was sitting in one of our dining room chairs. My beautiful boy, Colin, came up to me and crawled up in my lap, wrapped his arms around me, and laid his head down on my shoulder. No pretense. No desire to play and be silly. He simply loved on his Daddy and held onto me as I held onto him. I could have sat there for hours, days even. It was one of the most loving experiences I have ever had, knowing what I had just gone through and how much I needed it.

Marcy called from the bathroom, "What are you doing?"


"What do you mean, 'Nothing'?"

"We're just sitting here."

"Are you talking really quietly?"

"Nope. Just sitting here."

It was beautiful. It was love. And boy, did I need it! Thank you, God, for showing up in my boy!

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Miss Mixie said...

This was really sweet :)