Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fantasy Football

Our fantasy football league had our draft tonight. Here's how my team played out:
  1. Lamont Jordan - RB
  2. Clinton Portis - RB
  3. Reggie Wayne - WR
  4. Donovan McNabb - QB
  5. Reuben Droughns - RB
  6. Anquan Boldin - WR (keeper from last season)
  7. Javon Walker - WR
  8. Jason Witten - TE
  9. Jake Plummer - QB
  10. Tampa Bay - Def
  11. Wali Lundy - RB
  12. T.J. Duckett - RB (handcuff pick for Portis)
  13. David Akers - K
I think I did OK, especially since my good friend Brian Jones isn't in this league, so I might have a chance. But knowing how things go for me in fantasy sports, Portis' arm will fall off completely, and Boldin will come down with a rare virus for which there is no cure. But I'm not a pessimist. Your thoughts on my team?


Kyle S said...

Well, in my expert *coughnotreallycough* opinion, your team looks ok. I guess. I really don't know. Good luck with your fake football, though. I hope you enjoy it.

Allister said...

I like the name Donovan McNabb. Do they call him Vanny? I would.

Fitz said...

Some call him Donny. Others call him Nabbster. But NOBODY calls him Vanny. :-)