Friday, May 19, 2006

Apple Envy

The new MacBooks are out. They make me hate the whole nature of computers. A couple of months ago, I purchased a refurbished iBook - which Apple is no longer making - and I love it! But, now they come out with the new MacBook, which features the Intel processor (translation: 5X faster), the new iLife '06 software bundle, a built in webcam for video chats, a remote that can control iTunes and the DVD player, and a magnetic power cord to prevent accidentally tripping over the cord and pulling the laptop off the table and onto the floor. The entry level one is about what I paid for my refurbished laptop. Curses! If I had just waited a little longer, I could have the new fancy one. But I know that a few months after that, they would have come out with something else to make me envious yet again. It's a never-ending spiral downward.

Plus, the new 24-hour Apple store opens today in New York City. It features a glass-cube at street-level, with stairs that descend into the store. There you find lots of computers and toys that you can try before you buy. If I ever make it back to NYC, that will certainly be a stopping place. You can read more and see pictures here.

I do love the new Apple commercials, though.


Matthew said...

I don't remember how far away you are, but there is an Apple Store in Memphis just off of Poplar and Germantown. I went there last week while I was in town and bought an iSkin keyboard protector for my PowerBook.

Anonymous said...

This a quote from a Mac user on a mac blog, re. the new ads:

"I think the ads are crap, personally. I’m really disappointed.

I don’t have a problem with the “Pepsi Challenge” advertising. It’s the smug, artsy fartsy style that I think needs to be taken out back and shot in the head.

You just show the product, show it doing MS Office, have the voice over talk about great security, talk about stability, talk about how it just works. Show a Mac mini and show the price on the screen (and include the %@#$ keyboard and mouse, for crying out loud).

The whole “boring White guy in a suit” is a PC and “young slob without a job” is a Mac really is stupid. It’s juvenile. It’s what I’d expect from a 15-year old with a video blog and a camcorder.

So I guess Apple thinks young slobs without jobs are the ones who go out and spend $2,700 for a Mac Book Pro and not affluent guys in suits? Is it not obvious how retarded this is?

And what’s even more retarded is the fact that even though they are disparaging “business folk”, they want to make sure we all know MS Office is on the Mac. No, MS Office is for boring PC users. They are shooting themselves in the foot on that.


Steve Jobs is brilliant.
Steve Jobs is an idiot.

Posted by Mac FanMac Fan's Profile on May 02, 2006 at 08:30 AM"

Fitz said...

Thank you, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, for posting your own original thoughts on my comment board.

gmw said...

Apparently I'm pretty juvenile b/c I think the new Mac ads are hilarious. Especially the one where the guy in the suit keeps "crashing" and the other guy says, "had 'em and we lost 'em." That cracked me up. I've never been interested in checking out the Macs before these commercials. Also, the one with the guys "getting along" when the Japanese girl shows up and the guy starts speaking Japanese to her.

These commercials, I think(contrary to the mac user on the mac blog), are actually brilliant examples of the communication principle "show, don't tell."

Anonymous said...

I know you know my writing, Mike. I haven't said anything yet on this particular post, so spare me any petulance on that.

I get calls all the time from AOL and the like saying that they want to give me faster, REALLY FASTER, speed on my computer.

I tell them that my computer is already too fast and if at all possible, could I buy a far slower responding software package?

I am totally into the computer--who isn't who has a brain?--but I think cellphones are BS except for some vocations--Doctors, Religious Counselors, Call Girls--and I can't possibly think why I would want to carry around my computer in a portable form when I can concentrate on it full force at home. But then, that's me. Hey, how obsolete can a notepad and pencil become?

There are very, very many people in this world who want to drive their car while eating a McDonald's sandwich, listening to the radio and talking on their cell phone to their stockbroker while trying to adjust the strap on their kid's seatbelt in the back.

Not me.

DGH said...

Dang I just hink that store is stinking cool! Just lik emy MacBook Pro...that has all the bells and whistles, heh...heh....sorry i jsut had to rub it in...and I am with you Guy the new mac ads are awesome! I show everyone all of them and they giggle and laugh and it gets the point across with slight toungue and cheek humor. lighten up is just a TV ad....besides the one for iPod with all the CD jackets making city buildings and then funneling down into an iPod is one of the best ads I am seen in a long time.

It is not Apple's fault if they care about geting the point across with good design and artistic flavor in mind.

Ok and yes, I happen to like my cell phone and tak on my bluetooth headset in my car all the time...and yes the radio is on when Italk and sometimes i do have a McDonalds burger in my hand all at the same time (sorry I don't have kids for the seatbelt thing...that would be a problem that I would love to have!!!!)...

And yes, people who do need me can call me...and if I am in a car accident then I can make a life saving call, or allow a stranded person to use it to make a call..and in turn be the hands and feet of Christ...bu tyour right...we should just keep it all at work instead of using our laptops in a Starbucks and developeing relationships with other people beyond our houses and share the good news of God with the workers and regulars.

(please know that this entire comment was me just kidding... I don;t want to offend anyone anon.....just like the new Mac ads. ;)

Anonymous said...

(GUY said...actually brilliant examples of the communication principle "show, don't tell.")

Uhhh, except they didn't show a computer at all in the ads I watched... (grin)


jen said...

Yeah, that is soooo weird that you wrote this. I was on the computer 2 days ago and saw this. I was like how amazing would it be to have that. With all the music stuff and video stuff you can do on it. It's got a gigantic memory and it is pretty schnazzy looking! about covetting.

Tari Noel said...

(Uhhh, except they didn't show a computer at all in the ads I watched...)

Why would they need to show a computer? We all know what mac looks like. In fact, macs have "looked" better than PCs for a long time but people still buy PCs - why? Because it is what we are comfortable with and we are never sure it is worth the extra money. I think the commercials are a brilliant way to point out the obvious advantages of macs and make the choice for Mac seem obvious. It is the first time a mac commercial has made me question why I am still using a PC (I do wish I could afford a Mac) :)