Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Ultimate Guy Furniture

Ran across this couch at a blog that features strange new products...I'm not sure why this is featured at this site, because it certainly isn't is what every guy has been dreaming about their entire lives:

The new "man couch" boasts the following features...
  • Two Domino's Heat Wave hot bags

  • A mini refrigerator

  • A Coca- Cola beverage cooler

  • Remote control caddy and bottle opener

  • Built-in Xbox with three controllers

  • Built-in MP3 player

  • Built-in XM Radio

  • Built-in NEXTEL cellular phone and a NASCAR headset

  • Built-in DVD player and two flat screen televisions

  • And a megaphone to complain about bad referee calls
The couch can recline back, and the head rests double as paper towel holders. The white cabinet fronts at the bottom of the couch pull out to reveal the Xbox consoles.

Christmas is only a few short months, I hope Marcy reads this...


Emmerly said...

Fitzie .. if I had a million dollars, I'd buy you that totally rad couch. Of course, I don't have a million dollars so you're just going to have to pray you are found by some rich relative who loves you a lot .. ha. Anywho, talk to you lata big guy.

Allister said...


If I had a million dollars I would buy myself an island...

...but I would invite you to come visit! :) I