Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black Eye

I never thought my first black eye would come at the hands - so to speak - of my 2 1/2 year-old...

On Friday night, Colin started playing a fun game with Hanna, who was sitting on my lap. Hanna would reach out and touch Colin's face. In response, Colin would let out a loud yell and fall down like he had just been hit. Over and over again he did this as Hanna and I just laughed. The next morning, Hanna joined Marcy and I in bed after she ate. A short while later, Colin woke up and climbed up with us, too. Colin, remembering the fun that was had the previous night, started playing the game again, with Hanna touching his face, and him flopping down into our pillows. Except that one fateful time, Colin decided to flop backwards. The back of his head crashed down onto my eyebrow, causing a significant amount of pain and the present bruising that you see above. It made for a good story at church this morning. I'm sure that this is just the first of many Daddy-hood scars that I will incur in my lifetime.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is This Product Necessary?

I was looking at the YS blog this morning and came across a link for this product. It is the GoateeSaver, a guide that helps you shave the perfect goatee. Seriously now, is this product necessary?! Maybe my goatee is a little asymmetrical, but I'm not about to shell out $19.99 for the opportunity to make it perfect, all the while looking really silly. The sad part is that there are people that will pay the money and whoever it is that invented this will make some good money from it. Maybe I should copme up with some random, unnecessary product so I can make a little extra spending cash.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Technical Problems

The first couple of times I saw Obama and McCain speak I thought, "If we are voting on oratory skills, Obama will destroy McCain." And I've thought that until I saw this video. Obama's teleprompter goes down and here's what happens...

Breathalyzer = Classic!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fantasy Football '08

It's that time of year again, when I reveal who I drafted in our church fantasy football league. Going into the draft, I had a difficult decision to make. I had to decide who was going to be my keeper. I had it boiled down to either Earnest Graham (RB - Saints) or Brandon Marshall (WR - Broncos). Both of them were free agent pick-ups, which meant that I would only have to sacrifice my last-round draft pick from this year's draft to keep either. They were each rated at about the same place on the big draft boards I read online, so it was a crap shoot. After much deliberation - and some help from my friend Brian - I chose to keep Marshall. Also, I realized that I started the night with the #5 pick (out of ten teams), which is not a desirable location. One pick earlier and I could have gotten one of the true stud RBs, but instead I got a tier three guy. But Portis has been nice for me in the past, so we'll hold off on the judgment calls until then. Now, without any further ado, here is my draft, in order:
  • Clinton Portis - RB (pictured here)
  • Andre Johnson - WR
  • Brandon Jacobs - RB
  • Derek Anderson - QB (also, if he loses the job to Quinn, or gets injured, I still keep the Browns' QB)
  • Calvin Johnson - WR
  • Fred Taylor - RB
  • Heath Miller - TE
  • Seattle - Defense
  • Anthony Gonzalez - WR
  • Kevin Smith - RB
  • Chester Taylor - RB (this was a block so the guy who had Adrian Peterson couldn't handcuff his pick in case AD gets injured - hee-hee!)
  • Nate Kaeding - K
  • Brandon Marshall - WR
The first game is Thursday night - Are you ready for some football?!